Students prefer to lapdance for cash

A survey has revealed lap dancing and chugging to be the most popular part-time job for students going to university.

Chuggers (charity muggers) represent major charities on the high street and convince people to sign up to monthly direct debit donations.

However, they’re not entirely selfless; they earn up to 10 an hour.

The online poll of nearly 3,000 freshers for 2005 by student insurer also revealed students would rather lap dance for cash than wait on tables.

32% wanted to be a chugger
28% wanted a bar job
15% wanted to be a lap dancer
13% wanted to be a waiter
6% wanted a job in a shop
4% wanted to hand out flyers
2% wanted other jobs.

Martin Nugent, of Cover4students, says: “According to our research, lap dancing certainly pays more than waiting on tables. It seems modern students hate being skint and wasting time watching daytime TV.

“They’d rather be out chugging or dancing to pay off their huge overdrafts.”