Protection Insurance provides free guides

Getting the best deal on your car, home and life insurance without compromising on cover – has now been made easier with the help of three free guides from specialist insurance website

Each guide takes an in depth look at the importance of insurance; how to get a cheaper premium; and, once youve got that all-too-often elusive deal, how to keep the premium at a reasonable price.

The Car Insurance guide examines the motor insurance industry from the ground up, leaving the consumer understanding coverage options more fully thereby feeling more confident in their policy choices.

The Home Insurance guide gives away industry tips enabling a consumer to get the best possible deal for their home contents, buildings or combined household insurance policy. It also explains simple steps homeowners can take to keep their home safe and secure.

The Life Insurance guide explains the basic principles behind life insurance and the different types of policy available, providing the consumer with the knowledge and confidence to ensure they buy the right policy for their circumstances and one that fits their budget.

Jason Hulott, business development manager from the site, says: “With our new downloadable guides, consumers will have invaluable knowledge and insider information at their fingertips, meaning they can make an educated choice as well as get a great deal when buying insurance”.