Mortgage Express service was complete and utter garbage

From Lee Martin

I must have a moan about the service I am getting from Mortgage

Express. It is useless – complete and utter garbage.

I did a DIP using its online system on July 28 which was referred and two days later I received an email saying it was accepted. I was then unable to submit the case online because it was not working – again – so I had to send a paper application. I did not hear a thing from it until I rang on August 11. And guess what? It hadn’t even looked at the case.

Furious, I told it to pull its fingers out, a valuation was instructed and this was done on August 21.

I rang MEX’s freephone number about 38 times in three days for an update on the valuation report and every time I got a recorded message telling me something along the lines of “Sorry, we are experiencing large numbers of calls to our… blah, blah, blah… ring back…”.

Then a letter arrived on my desk. I opened it and it said: “We are unable to proceed due to the clients being overcommitted.”

Excuse me? They are remortgaging and repaying all their current commitments, halving their monthly payments, it has been accepted on a DIP and they have bothered to do a valuation at their cost – and now I’m told it’s a no-go?

So I ring the MEX free phone number and, praise be, I actually get through (even though I was kept on hold for 12 minutes). One of the operatives goes through the usual security questions and then says she can’t access the system – because it keeps timing her out.

I am currently waiting for someone to call me back. I’ll get in touch when I receive the call, maybe before my birthday in January.