MEX takes drastic action to resolve service problems

Mortgage Express is reassuring brokers that it is working to solve its service problems, saying it has taken drastic action to tackle the situation.

Although it admits to having had service problems over the past few weeks, it says it has been honest with brokers and is focussing all its efforts on solving the problem.

Tim Sturley, head of business development at MEX, says: “We had some problems two or three weeks ago which took some time to fix. Unfortunately we have been having technical problems.”

Customers were asked to send in paper applications, which MEX normally accepts though they take longer to process.

Sturley says this, along with an increased number of telephone calls, led to the problems.

He adds: “We have taken people away from our marketing and finance sections to work in our processing centres to help with customer service.”

Lee Martin, mortgage professional at Regency Mortgage Bureau, called MEX’s service ‘useless’ after he used its online system to submit a case and was told to send in a paper application. He says he had to phone its freephone number 38 times in three days.

Martin says: “I got a recorded message telling me something along the lines of ‘I am sorry we are experiencing a large number of calls.'”

He then received a letter telling him MEX was unable to process the case because of the client being overcommitted. Martin says he was annoyed because his client was remortgaging and their current commitments had been paid, halving their monthly payments.

MEX says it has written to brokers explaining the problems and that they will be fixed shortly.