MEX duo pass CeLM exam with flying colours

Mortgage Express’ Roger Hillier and Tim Sturley have passed their Certificate in Lifetime Mortgages with flying colours.

The pair had to sit two papers. The first comprised 50 questions and this was followed by the case study paper, featuring three case studies with 10 questions each.

Answers are multiple choice so the duo found their results waiting for them when they exited the exam room. Both passed with merit.

Hillier, head of mortgage development at Mortgage Express, says: “I was thrilled when I found I had passed and was dancing down the street.”

The Institute of Financial Services, which runs the CeLM course, recommends study time for the exam should be between 30 and 40 hours but Hillier says he whizzed through the study material twice in the course of three train journeys.

Clearly not resting on his laurels, Hillier is now preparing to study for an additional module on investment and risk.

Hillier adds: “Once you have the qualification with the Council of Mortgage Lender’s best practice guide on equity release, you should feel confident in providing a robust service to your customers.”