“I’m in mortgages for the long run”

Q: How will a career in the mortgage industry differ from a career in television?

A: “In showbiz, a lot of work is project-based. Doing a series of one-off projects leads to short, intense relationships with people. With Earth, while no less intense, I am in it for the long run. Projects have a longer life and the pace of work will be a nice change for me.”

Q: Are you worried about entering the industry a year after regulation, and do you think regulation was beneficial for the industry?

A: “Regulation was a massive step forward for the mortgage industry – one that benefits the consumer in the level of protection and information now available, and the industry by raising standards. It helps in ridding the industry of its roguish image and offering the consumer a level of confidence which may have been absent before.

Earth takes regulation seriously and we regularly consult experts to ensure we get it right. It’s pivotal to the continued success of the business and I’m confident I can contribute positively in that regard.”

Q: Why the mortgage industry?

A: “I get on well with Earth’s two directors and since knowing them, I’ve seen what a growing and dynamic industry this is. It’s something I want to be a part of. I believe I have skills which will be useful to Earth and can help it extend its strong regional presence into a powerful national brand.”