I want a simple illustration from the BMS website

From Sean Horton

Back in April I needed to produce a BM Solutions KFI for a client so I went to its website looking for the KFI button. After clicking around for a few minutes it became apparent that the only way to get a KFI was to complete a DIP.

I did not wish to apply for a mortgage or a DIP but simply produce an illustration I could discuss with my client before they applied. Isn’t that an MCOB requirement? I typed in virtually a full application. Then the final straw – ‘This case has been referred’. This process took some 20 minutes. So much for a one-minute mortgage.

Come on BMS, your products are quite good – I have a few BMS buy-to-let mortgages myself. The online application system always seems to treat us well so why do you make it so difficult to get a simple illustration?