em offers semi-exclusive for Spanish mortgages

em-international is now offering a semi-exclusive product for UK residents purchasing property in Spain.

The product offers 80% of the new value and is based in the 12 month euribor index.

There is a loading of 1.25% with daily interest and no penalties for early repayment, with a repayment basis of up to 25 years depending on age.

There is a maximum purchase price of 500,000, though higher prices may be considered on case by case basis. The lender will charge a valuation fee and 1% fee on completion.

Roger Morris, managing director at em, says: “em-international is enjoying a busy time. With fantastic products and this semi-exclusive we are delighted that we can offer to our brokers new product ranges that will help them attract clients and in turn increase their revenue streams.

“The em-international property search facility is also proving to be a popular tool for brokers giving them and their clients access to many properties for sale across Spain.”

em- international is a sub brand of em- group and offers solutions to clients looking to purchase properties aboard.

em- is positioned as one of the leading packagers in the UK. It offers a comprehensive product portfolio covering the entire lending spectrum including: residential, commercial and international mortgages as well as secured and bridging loans.