Dazzled by the glamour of mortgages

What is the world coming to? Nick Hancock? Mortgages?

At first I thought we were once more going to be subjected to the phenomenon of financial advice from minor celebs who’d made a bob or two on the stock exchange and were snapped up by the tabloids to offer their expertise. Thankfully this isn’t the case. Silencing them was probably one of the major tangible benefits of statutory regulation.

No, Hancock is far more canny. And, as his irreverent sense of humour has always worked for me, I wish him every success as he starts his parallel career. Frankly, I didn’t think he was getting too jaded in his old one but I guess hedging your bets is always wise.

Although at first sight it seems the motivation for his switch from frolics to finance is to join a company run by his mates, that doesn’t wash with me. It’s the glamour isn’t it? Hancock has been seduced by the jet-set lifestyle and the endless parties that are the average mortgage adviser’s lot.

And frankly I can understand it. There can’t be many of us who wouldn’t balk at having to sit along side the likes of Jonathan Ross and Rory McGrath and make televised small talk for nickels when the big bucks are in personal finance.

Obviously getting in on the back of marketing is also a shrewd move. There aren’t any obvious qualifications needed – just a vivid imagination and appetite for invention. But I’ve no doubt that once his foot is in the door he’ll want to quickly progress with the CeMap qualification that will make the world his oyster.

Hancock’s a trend setter. It won’t be long before his lead is followed by other showbiz types looking for a mid-life career change. And not just itinerant comedians either. I imagine there will be a number of celebs watching his progress. Many of our leading glamour girls, like Abi Titmuss and Jordan, will be carefully watching to see whether his success will open up opportunities for them to front for finance.

Yes, the magic of mortgage arranging has turned many a young hopeful’s head so who can blame those of more mature years for being excited by the prospect of rekindling the passion of their youth?

Where next? Maybe a fully qualified Nick Hancock hosting a reality television show – ‘I’m a celebrity mortgage arranger, get me into there’? The mind boggles.

But be warned,this path from rags to riches is not for the faint-hearted. And celebs contemplating this change need to beware of the dark side – pensions. Therein lie serpents and madness.peter mounty