Curriculum Vitae – Damian Cain

\"I do things that make me sound younger than 30 plus 10\"

Name: Damian Cain

Age: 30 plus 10… it still hurts too much to say it.

Company: Complete Mortgage & Loan Services

Job title: Director

Where do you live? The New Forest side of Southampton as opposed to the Portsmouth side of ‘Sarfampton’.

Describe your current job: Along with the three other CMLS directors I am responsible for directing the CMLS packaging operation, the growing CMLS franchise group and the Complete Network. Under the Financial Services Authority’s controlled functions I am the firm’s apportionment and oversight director, but I call it being the compliance director’s best friend. This responsibility means that I am in close business contact with the network’s ARs.

What was your first job?
My first proper wage came as a roadie for an agency DJ. It sounded good in my teens when I was trying to chat up women but really it was night after night of listening to Please Release Me at over 50s parties. All these years later I still have to leave the room if that song comes on.

What was your last job?
Working for a packager before anybody knew what a packager was.

What have you done in between?
A summer of 72 hour weeks at an Esso oil refinery. I would have done literally anything to get away from that song.

What has been the defining point of your career?
Realising that the banana yellow company Ford Fiesta I was given in May 1994 was probably going to be the summit of my employed world. Complete was launched four months later, giving me the opportunity to become a business owner and director. And the rest, as they say, is history.

And the most embarrassing?
No way can I tell you that. I like my friends too much and my daughter might read this some day. I do genuinely have size 9 feet and they regularly get me into trouble.

Do you have a mortgage?
Yes, a current account mortgage with the Royal Bank of Scotland.

What’s your favourite restaurant?
La Parisienne in Romsey. Good food, good atmosphere and equally welcoming whether you are wearing a suit or jeans. It’s Allo Allo without the fishnets.

What’s the most you have spent on a dinner for two?
That would be the one where I proposed to my now ex-wife.

What’s your favourite band?
Yesterday, Led Zeppelin. Today, Rooster. Tomorrow, who knows?

What’s your favourite tipple?
Probably JD and Coke. My partner works for Bacardi which owns the Jack Daniels brand so in our house the JD is cheaper than the Coke.

Do you have any hobbies or interests?
I have no artistic talent and only read autobiographies. I love sport and am an improving golfer. I’m also a passionate supporter of Southampton Football Club and regularly attend matches. I have recently tried sailing, water- skiing and scuba diving, all of which got the adrenaline flowing and make me sound younger than… 30 plus 10.