Amber becomes ENC lender

Trigold has revealed that Amber Homeloans is the latest lender to feature on its Enhanced Non Conforming platform.

Amber products and criteria are now live on the ENC sourcing module on Trigold.

ENC is for brokers sourcing sub-prime mortgage products.

Amber has built a reputation for innovative products, flexible underwriting and excellent service. It joins other sub-prime providers, who account for over 85% of the market, in supporting ENC, which is provided to all Trigold users who account for over 60% of the intermediary mortgage market.

All products within the Amber product portfolio are now incorporated in ENCs dynamic sourcing engine, which also includes an enhanced fact find, data verification, Key Facts Illustrations and electronic applications.

ENC ensures that the broker can search, sort, select and apply for non-conforming mortgages with complete confidence.

Mike Perry, associate director of sales and marketing at Amber, says: Amber is delighted to have become an ENC lender as it supports our goal of giving brokers the tools they need to make accurate, informed recommendations.

“More than 60% of mortgage brokers rely on Trigold and this is due to the accuracy of data and innovations such as ENC.

“We wanted to ensure that brokers sourcing our mortgage products were doing so with complete confidence and so joining ENC was an easy decision to make. We look forward to working with Trigold to develop this further.

Bill Safran, CEO at Trigold, says: Lenders like Amber are stretching the boundaries of non conforming loans with innovation in both products and criteria.

“It is certainly a coup for us that they have chosen to join the ranks of ENC Lenders and we look forward to working with, and supporting Amber and their relationship with intermediaries.

“Because the ENC system actually uses client criteria as a basic of the search engine, the results are the most sophisticated available which helps both brokers and lenders such as Amber alike.

“Our 24,000 users will be thrilled that Amber has become an ENC lender.