Title Deed – Money Partners

When a group of seasoned mortgage professionals decided to launch a specialist lender in 2004, they wanted the company\'s name to reflect its focus and activities, says Bob Sturges, director of communications at Money Partners.

“An early front runner for a name was Origin Mortgages,” says Sturges. “This was liked because of the inference about the group’s entrepreneurial involvement in the genesis of specialist lending a decade earlier.

“This saw it develop a sub-prime lender that, after a series of acquisitions and a management buyout, came to be called igroup.”

For all the success of igroup in helping to establish specialist lending in the UK, Sturges says the group, led by industry stalwarts Colin Sanders and David Johnson, was set on a less esoteric choice of name for its new venture.

“After deciding to jettison Origin, we settled on Money Partners and its accompanying strapline ‘the source of specialist lending’,” says Sturges.

“Money Partners was considered simple, unpretentious and does what it says on the tin. As importantly, it perfectly represents a lender that distributes exclusively through intermediary partners.”

Money Partners enters its third full trading year with over 170 employees and £2bn worth of mortgage assets under securitisation.