Me & My Car

I persuaded Michael Bolton to let me have a bus to accommodate BDMs during our roadshows last year, added a hot tub and two champagne fridges and fell in love with it, says Alan Cleary

I persuaded Michael Bolton to let me have a bus on the grounds that we needed a lot of space for BDMs and their sales literature during our edeus roadshows last year. We named it the Battle Bus. We did over 3,000 miles in it and I grew to love it.

It may not be Pininfarina beautiful but with a 16 litre V8 engine it makes your average Ferrari look as underpowered as a hairdresser’s car. It may not corner well (turning circle, 22.7 metres) or be particularly swift (zero to 62mph in 25 seconds) but at least the 560 litre fuel tank means you don’t have to stop at petrol stations too often.

In terms of the interior, it’s great to ride around in a big sitting room on wheels and it had some good gadgets including a fantastic stereo system and a TV which came in handy last year, especially for the driver, who spent most of his time waiting for BDMs.

I got to listen to music I like every now and then when I could squeeze it in between the dodgy boy bands the BDMs enjoy. They might have got most of the stereo time but I drew the line at their attempts at interior design and put my foot firmly down when they tried to put up a Justin Timberlake poster.

But little did Michael know what I added to the extras list. Westway Coaches, the company that provided the bus, ensured it was suitably pimped. To the plasma TV, two Playstations and DVD player that came as standard, I added a hot tub, a gym, two champagne fridges and a bar.

On the negative side, the speed limiter kicks in at 62.5mph so it’s not as quick as some of the cars that are bragged about in this column.

The other downside of the bus is, frankly, the occupants. The leather interior’s beautiful smell was masked by Scott, one of our more malodorous BDMs. And the girls’ love of SingStar – a Playstation game that tests singing ability – was trying to say the least.