Hipstar to deliver HIPs through LexisNexis

Hipstar has revealed it will deliver several thousand Home Information Packs a month using the VisualHip platform from LexisNexis Visualfiles.

Hipstar and LexisNexis Visualfiles have been working together for the last eight months to tailor a solution that integrates with Hipstar’s web-based ordering system in order to do this.

Mark Higgins, IT director at Hipstar, says: “We originally reviewed all the technology options in the market and it quickly became clear to us that if we wanted an application that we could use to build competitive advantage we needed the flexibility that LexisNexis Visualfiles offers.”

“We have now committed to the volumes we expect to deliver in the early months which has assisted in confirming our own pricing which we will be announcing shortly.”

Mark Armstrong, chief sales officer at LexisNexis Visualfiles, says: “Clients using our demonstration platform are now moving into production mode and making commercial commitments that reflect their market confidence.”