E2M integrates ID checks with 192.com

Easier2move has integrated its system with 192.com to allow its panel of solicitors to perform instant ID checks for clients.

192.coms business services identity verification enables all panel solicitors to initiate an automatic ID check at the point of acceptance of their instruction.

This is useful if the instructed solicitor is not in a convenient location for a client to visit in person with their formal ID.

In many cases a client is asked to show formal identification three times to multiple people in the same process, solicitor, mortgage broker and estate agent.

In addition, it can take up to five working days to get copies of ID to solicitors, considerably slowing the process.

Karen Babington, sales and marketing director at Easier2move, says: The home buying process is often unnecessarily long and arduous. By introducing ID checks at the very beginning of the process we hope to be able to ensure an efficient and speedy service which will keep clients happy and make sure introducers are paid as promptly as possible.

Keith Marsden, managing director at 192.coms business services, says: Performing a quick and accurate ID check is key to preventing identity fraud and money laundering.

“Given the rapid evolution in fraudulent tactics, the industry needs to stay ahead of the game and do all it can to protect both the business, and its customers.