Copland wants top job at Pink Home Loans one day

David Copland, deputy managing director at Pink Home Loans, has revealed that he harbours ambitions to one day become managing director of the network.

The former sales and marketing director at Pink got a taste of what the role involved last year when he covered for then managing director Tony Jones while he was on long-term sick leave.

But following Jones’ resignation in January, Barry Meeks was brought in to replace him and Copland was de-moted to deputy managing director.

Meeks had previously held a number of prominent positions at Pink’s parent group Skipton, including the role of managing director at Homeloan Management, Limited Amber Credit and Mutual One.

Copland denies he was disappointed with the decision to appoint Meeks.

But he says: “One day I would like to be managing director but I will bide my time.”

Copland was recently given new responsibilities after a role change. He is now not only responsible for managing Pink’s marketing, public relations, internal sales and mortgage desk departments, but also for lookingafter the network’s wider business de-velopment activities and commercial proposition.

Copland will be focussing on developing Pink’s brand and expanding its appointed representative proposition. He has worked for the network for over 10 years, making him the second-longest serving employee at the company.

He has an extensive history in the financial services industry, having previously worked for The Mortgage Business, Bear Stearns and West Bromwich.

Copland says: “I am looking forward to the challenges that 2007 will bring for Pink. My new role will allow me the time to focus on the Pink brand and drive forward our proposition in the marketplace.”