Accord offers limited credit repair fixed rates

Accord has released several limited availability special credit repair products.

The products are at one fixed rate at each adversity level, whatever the LTV. Product fees for all the new products are £1,495.

Two-year fixed rates are available from near prime to unlimited with full status and self-cert options. These are at 5.75% full status, near prime, up to 90% LTV and 6.00% self-cert, near prime, up to 85% LTV.

Accord is also offering a five-year fixed rate available from near prime to unlimited with enhanced income multiples, full status only. Rates are from 5.95% and borrowers can get up to 5x income.

Cate Hillis, head of product development at Accord, says: “The products have a higher arrangement fee than usual for Accord, but this means we’re able to offer great rates and the fee can be added to the loan.

“Along with Accord’s HLC free policy for credit repair, this makes these products a fantastic choice for intermediaries whose clients are looking to keep their monthly repayments low.”