West Brom gives prize to broker

West Brom for Intermediaries, the specialist intermediary lending arm of the West Bromwich, has presented Robin Mazumder of Blue Horse Finance in Sutton Coldfield, with an iPod MP3 player.

Mazumder was amongst the first brokers to submit an application to West Brom for Intermediaries via its recently launched website www.westbromforintermediaries.co.uk.

Although Mazumder pressed his submit button at 5.30am, he was not the first person to go online.

Mazumder was pipped to the post by Mark Young of Padstone Financial Management in Hereford, who sent his clients buy-to-let application over the internet at 00.16 am.

Mazumder says: I dont usually transact all my business at 5.30am, but I have to confess that its a good time of day to get your work done. You get very few interruptions!

The new West Brom for Intermediaries website is excellent and makes life very easy for brokers wanting to submit buy-to-let applications online. If you havent given it a go, I strongly recommend that you go online and take a look.

Phil Lawford, West Brom for Intermediaries account manager who has responsibility for the relationship with Blue Horse Finance, says: Im delighted that Mazumder decided to try our new service so early in the day and was happy with the experience!

Next time hes up and about at that hour, he can listen to his new iPod Nano as he goes about his work!

The fact that Mazumder was an early bird emphasises how important it is that lenders develop systems which are tailored to meet the needs of intermediaries and their clients.

Brokers can obtain KFIs, decision-in-principle and submit buy-to-let applications via our new site, as well as obtain all our latest product information.