TMP apologises for email glitch

The Mortgage Partnership has apologised for a fault with its email system last week which resulted in repeated emails being sent to brokers.

TMP emailed out a product launch during which a mail loop occurred resulting in the original email being repeatedly emailed to everyone on its distribution list.

TMP says it has rectified the software problem.

Dave Rogers, a broker at Intermortgage, wrote to TMP complaining that bombarding him with 34 identical unsolicited e-mails was unlikely to lure him and said this was a poor way of attracting new business.

Ian Ward, joint managing director at TMP, says: “Understandably, receiving vast numbers of the same email is frustrating and time consuming.

“May I apologise on behalf of our Tamworth operation for the frustration and inconvenience this may have caused to all of the other recipients of this email.

“I have also asked our Tamworth office to distribute an apology to the same distribution list.”