Openwork now in GMAC-RFC’s top four distributors

GMAC-RFC has revealed that since launching a year ago for directly submitted business with Openwork it has surpassed 775m in applications.

These results place Openwork amongst GMAC-RFCs top four mortgage distributors.

Within the 12 months that GMAC-RFC has been working with Openwork, it has already climbed up Openworks league of lenders in terms of completions, with the latest figures revealing GMAC-RFC is currently placed in 7th position for 2006.

Peter Izard, senior manager corporate accounts at GMAC-RFC, says: These results are truly fantastic and are credit to the hard work of all staff at GMAC-RFC.

We have used effective use of marketing, utilizing cutting edge technology and having innovative and competitive products to ensure that Openwork members endorse GMAC-RFCs overall market strategy whole-heartedly.

Paul Shearman, mortgage proposition director at Openwork, says: GMAC-RFC have been inspirational in the way it has launched and worked with Openwork in delivering these amazing results.

They have laid down the blueprint for any future lenders to follow and for some of the more established lenders to aspire to.