One in six under 30s plan to get on the housing ladder, says A&L

Alliance & Leicesters borrowing monitor shows that people are increasingly confident to take on mortgage borrowing, particularly to move home.

Mortgage growth is not at the expense of household budgets and affordability is the best its been since the second quarter of 2004.

A&L says first time buyers are making a come-back as one in six (16%) of the under 30s plan to get on the housing ladder this year.

The A&L monitor has also revealed that consumers reduce credit card and other borrowing and personal loan balances fall for the first time in seven years

At the beginning of this year 7% of households said they were thinking of moving, buying a property for the first time or remortgaging by mid-summer.

When questioned recently, 15% of households, more than double the January level said they planned to do so before next winter.

A&L says although not everyone acts upon these plans, the change in intentions underscores this years much higher activity levels in the housing market.