Marketing Brief

Support is critical in the mortgage industry. Kevin Paterson\'s A-Z review rates the marketing material that lenders issue to help brokers with sales and business development

HSBC provides everything you would expect through its website from a marketing perspective – except that it does not deal with brokers. The consumer marketing that is there is OK – not much of a compliment with an army of personnel on the case. On the plus side it has a limited range of largely uncompetitive rates and is a predominantly boring site.

Despite the odd name, Infinity Mortgages has quickly established itself in the sub-prime sector and its website does not disappoint. It has clearly done its homework in identifying what the broker sector wants from a lender website and has delivered in the buy-to-let and sub-prime sectors.

As we know, the world’s local bank ignores the intermediary community and the complete absence of any broker reference on its website is evidence of this. As customer-facing websites go it is average – not much of a compliment when you consider the army of marketing people available to it. The website uses pictures to grab attention but given the sheer volume of information available I’m pretty sure the public will be confused. The colour scheme of the website is awash with the bank’s ubiquitous red and white. And I’m not sure why but I didn’t find the website very sticky – meaning I didn’t feel compelled to stay on it. Functionality is limited, preferring to steer customers toward making a phone call, booking an appointment at a local branch or having a webchat.

Infinity Mortgages
This Investec-backed sub-prime lender has positioned itself relatively quickly in the specialist sector. A competitive range of products targeted at the buy-to-let and sub-prime markets coupled with the level of service and functionality that the broker market demands has helped Infinity establish itself in this competitive arena. A range of downloads are available for all the documentation needed complete with thumbnails , although there is a dearth of additional marketing material on the website. This idea of addressing brokers direct bypasses packagers – a trend that seems to be gathering momentum and provides the broker community with precisely what it needs.