Launch DB Countdown

Our first completion makes us an official lender, a test on securitisation proves to be a challenge, talk of Rooney\'s foot dominates a conference session and thoughts turn to GI, says Bill Dudgeon

MondayA relaxing bank holiday.

TuesdayOur first completion means DB Mortgages is now officially a lender.Many thanks to broker George FrostandPinnacle in Southend who take all the accolades – first decision in principle, first application and now first completion.Underwriter Carolyn James is pleased as she correctly predicted the date and walks away with a bottle of bubbly and a grin. Our sales team doubles today from three to six with the arrival of Neil Loader, Jim Wylie and Gary Armstrong.I can’t wait to see Neil’s face when I tell him he has to submit his expenses via Blackberry – should save me a fortune.

WednesdayThe guys from DB in London arrive to give us an overview of securitisation which seems to make perfect sense until they run a test at the end of the session – must start getting up earlier.Gini Riley from our marketing team reports back on the first two Mortgage Brain roadshows in Cardiff and Southampton.There has been a good turnout with positive feedback so we’re pleased to be involved.

ThursdayI’m off to London to participate in the Mortgage Servicing Conference.I join the great and the good on a panel of experts.But it is the graveyard shift at 4pm and inevitably a few people disappear early to catch their trains home. The panel doesn’t take it personally. We talk about key issues such as the World Cup and Wayne Rooney’s foot.And no,I didn’t get tickets through Deutsche Bank.

FridayFriday must be general insurance day.Matthew Russell and I meet providers to explore how we might work together.Mark is in Majorca and lets us all know it’s nice and warm there. I realise it’s June and I’ve not yet booked a summer holiday. We have a lot left to do – although we’ve completed our first loan we’re not halfway to being where we need to be. But progress is great and the people are outstanding so I’m optimistic.However, we missed a trick andshould have recruited a general insurance manager.