EBay trading boosts self-cert

The increase in people supplementing their income by trading on eBay is helping to propel the self-cert market, says GMAC-RFC.

The UK version of the online auction site hit the 10 million user milestone in February last year, and it is estimated that one in three internet users visits the site at least once a month.

Nearly 70,000 people earn a quarter of their living by trading on the website, and this additional income is leading many to self-certify their mortgage.

Jeff Knight, director of marketing at GMAC-RFC, says as the number of people earning money in alternative ways increases, the industry can expect to see a rise in demand for self-cert deals.

He adds: “E-trading is another example of the growing population who don’t rely on their main salary for their income.

“The changing earning habits of the nation will mean there will be many more home owners looking for increased flexibility when it comes to choosing a mortgage. The demand for flexible products is not likely to fall and lenders need to be aware of the needs of all potential customers.”

With people in the UK spending more time on eBay than any other website, it is also being used by the public to raise social and political concerns.

Recently, students at the University of Oxford put the Bodleian library for sale on eBay in protest at rising housing costs.

The historic building and its stock of books went on sale with a reserve price of 189m, the estimated accumulated debt of the university’s 11,000 undergraduates.

eBay removed the library from the website within hours as a bid of 10m had been made, the maximum allowed before items are automatically removed.