Blemain appears on c2-Finacial web news cast

Blemain Finance has participated in the c2-Financial weekly web news cast, which is now live.

In the video, Marc Goldberg, director, is shown explaining the benefits of secured loans and how, in many cases, they offer more benefits than a full remortgage.

Blemain Finance is the secured loans division of Blemain Group, which is now completing over 55m in mortgages and loans a month.

Blemain Finance has worked with c2-Financial for a number of years. Both companies focus on quality and high standards of service with a view to enhancing brokers business.

Marc Goldberg, director, says: I am delighted to work with c2-Financial to help explain the benefits of secured loans to brokers.

I am keen to inform them how a secured loan can help in being cheaper than a re-mortgage, can be used for a wide variety of purposes with lower redemption charges and can often be completed faster than a re-mortgage.

Its important that brokers fully understand how to get the best from secured loans for their clients and Im pleased to help them grow their business.