TMB has been established since 1989 and specialises in Self-Cert, flexible, buy to let and let to buy mortgages. As well as continually updating our product range we also have an online service that helps you to process cases more quickly and incorporates our own flexible underwriting criteria with the certainty of an online decision, helping you provide a better service.

Who can use TMB?

  • Packagers
  • Networks
  • Life company
  • Brokers
What is available from TMB Interactive?

  • Fully compliant KFIs
  • Agreement in Principle
  • Ability to submit full online mortgage applications from anywhere, at anytime
  • Fast Mortgage Decisions
  • Flexible underwriting
  • Ability to instruct online valuations
  • Flexible mortgage illustrator
  • Quick offer turnarounds
  • An easy to use system with email updates

  • Case tracking
Why choose TMB?

  • We offer TRUE Self-Cert – no accounts, payslips or references required.
  • Each application is considered on its own merits using our new affordability model and assessing each case individually.
  • Choice of attractive rates across a comprehensive product range.
  • Guaranteed KFIs through our online service, TMB Interactive.
  • Earn additional income through our ancillary services General Insurance and our new Conveyancing service, TMB Mover.
Where and When?

  • Visit to set up your submission route and request a CD pack.