Taylor’s Tour…..

Henry Taylor\'s day job is running a mortgage broking business in Eastbourne on the south coast of England, when not taking part in the Seat Cupra Championship

For the past few weeks I have talked about the A1 Grand Prix series that kicked off this winter so I thought for a change I would mention another event that epitomises the winter months.

This is the Andros Trophy – the biggest ice racing championship in the world. In this country if we get some snow everything stops. Not in France. They just carve a circuit through it and race. It’s spectacular to see 20 cars drifting through the corners and the event is so successful that manufacturers are starting to enter works cars.

All the cars are specially built with four-wheel drive. They run on special tyres with studs. On the right surface, an ice car with good tyres can generate more grip than a normal car. Last year’s British Touring Car champion Yvan Muller has won the Andros Trophy seven times.

Believe it or not they even have support races at these events now. Some feature front wheel drive race cars and it’s amusing watching these struggle for grip. I’m sure you’ve all been out in the snow in your cars just trying to get to the shops. Imagine what it’s like racing 20 nutters with hardly any control. Spectacular fun.

Last year, 55,000 spectators turned up to see some great racing. A host of stars turned out for the event including four-time F1 world champion Alain Prost.

The Andros Trophy is great to watch and I advise any motorsport fan to take a look.