NLA welcomes private-rented sector report

The National Landlords Association has welcomed the recent report on the private-rented sector published by Camden Council.

The report, produced by the Private Rented Sector Accommodation Scrutiny Panel, reflects the fact that a quarter of all households in the borough now rent their homes from a private landlord, almost as many as remain tenants of the Council itself.

David Salusbury, chairman of the NLA says: We accept that because of the size of the private-rented sector in Camden which is unusually high even for inner London, that the Council will be concerned as to how private landlords are operating locally.

“What is exciting from our point of view is Camden has produced a range of practical recommendations that will certainly interest the private sector.

These include providing landlords with information about anti-social behaviour and ways of addressing the problem, improve communications and publicity about the grants available, encouraging local landlords to join a reputable landlord organization, and pulling together the various parts of the council so that that one private sector team will deal with our sector.

The NLA is now waiting for further progress on the report and its recommendations so that further work can be done on the specific proposals.

MaryAnn Pearce, London Representative of the NLA, adds: We are not suggesting that we agree with every single idea that the scrutiny panel has put forward and I hope we will have the opportunity to talk to them further about such areas.

“However, what is heartening for us is that Camden have acknowledged the vital role the private-rented sector plays in the housing field in their borough. That is good for landlords, tenants, the Council and for the wider community.