Happy Xmas from GMAC-RFC

From Mark Cocking

It was with great pleasure that a musician client of mine recently noticed the tin of GMAC-RFC mints on my desk. He
was amazed at the simple pop open/closed mechanism.

I offered him the tin. He politely accepted and emptied the contents into the bin with a frown (full of aspartame – bad stuff, apparently).

He returned a couple of days later, delighted with his acquisition. The tin can’t be opened by children, is pocket-sized and, he assures me, can hold a good quarter ounce of hashish. He would like to thank GMAC-RFC for the wonderfully designed ‘stash tin’ and has asked me to ask the company to design a special Xmas giveaway – perhaps a Santa on a sleigh which doubles as a ‘bong’.

I don’t know what he means but am reliably informed it would be popular in the industry.