AMI advertises for associate director post

The Association of Mortgage Intermediaries is advertising for the post of associate director.

AMI is seeking an exceptional person who can handle detailed technical information with ease, while keeping the big picture in view and developing the strategies that will take the organisation forward.

The associate director will be expected to lead and develop the team, lead on regulatory analysis and formulate AMI policy and contribute to the development of AMIs strategy as the trade body expands.

He or she will also manage stakeholder relations with members, politicians, civil servants, regulators and the media and deliver AMIs financial targets while bearing in mind that the Association is a not-for-profit organisation.

Reporting to Chris Cummings, director general of the Association of Independent Financial Advisers and AMI, the post will be based in London, but extensive UK travel will be required in order to keep in touch with members.

Although a compliance background is not essential, a thorough understanding of regulatory matters is necessary.

Cummings says: This role offers the right person a considerable challenge. In just over two years, AMI has established itself as the natural voice of the mortgage intermediary community. We now represent just over 75% of the industry and we are seeking an exceptional individual to take AMI forward and build on that success.

The role of associate director provides a rare opportunity to make a real difference to the mortgage intermediary industry.