Where has all the money gone?

From Brian Humphreys

Firstly, let me say what an excellent publication you put together each week, in particular, when you highlight poor service given by lenders or insurance companies.

I agree entirely with Rozanne Duncan&#39s comments about Mortgage Protection UK (Mortgage Strategy July 29 2002). How can the insurer allow this agent to carry on operating? We are owed about £400 and have received the usual promises that “the cheque is in the post”.

I would like to use your letters page to relay to Rozanne, and any other companies that are waiting for outstanding commissions, our conversations with an employee of Mortgage Protection UK today, July 29. She informed us that the staff of that company were furious because they hadn&#39t been paid their recent salaries. After the refinancing and paying off other companies there was apparently nothing left in the kitty. Is this yet another example of a company looking after the big boys only?

Brian Humphreys

Managing director

1 to 1 Mortgages