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Treasury sticks by plans to remove £5 fee cap

The Treasury has confirmed that the current £5 cap on brokerage fees not leading to a mortgage contract will be abolished.

By removing the £5 limit the Treasury acknowledges there are occasions “when the appropriate advice is not to take out a mortgage” and paves the way for brokers to claim fees that reflect this.

The Treasury also says that by carving mortgages out of Section 155 – the consumer credit act clause that directs a £5 cap – regulators will open a way to apply rules in the same spirit in other circumstances.

It says: “If Section 155 is dis-applied, the FSA will be able to make rules that confer in a wider range of circumstances the kind of protection that is afforded by Section 155 in a more limited range of circumstances.”

The Treasury does not elaborate on what these wider circumstances might be.

It says there is no sense in retaining the £5 cap for introductions not leading to a mortgage contract alone, since this would mean “no statutory mechanism of redress, requiring the refunding of fees, for other consumers”.

Reporting on mortgage regulation consultation responses on the £5 limit, the government says there were a “broad range of views”. These included respondents who wanted the £5 cap to remain for consumer protection purposes, others who wanted it increased to reflect the work the brokers put in and those who wanted it abolished altogether.


MPC keeps rates unchanged

The Monetary Policy Committee (MPC), kept rates unchanged before going off on its Augustholidays, because it is generally thought that the house price boom has not come to an end. It was believed that due to the unusual circumstances in June, such as the World Cup and theJubilee Celebrations, the weak retail sales figures could […]

Royal Bank of Scotland profits up 15%

The Royal Bank of Scotland Group has reported a 15% increase in profit in its half-year results, although bad debt provisions soared 77% compared to the first six months of 2001. Nonetheless, the group&#39s results are solid overall and went some way to ease fears about bad debts in the UK banking sector. RBoS profits […]

Government launches corporation tax consultation

The government has launched a consultation on reforming the corporate tax system. Announcing the consultation, Dawn Primarolo, paymaster general, said: “In 1997 the government set out to reform and modernise the corporate tax system and boost the UK&#39s competitiveness in the global business environment. “The strategy and objectives underpinning these reforms were set out in […]

Packagers want &#39advice&#39 clarification

Mortgage packagers are calling for greater clarity around their future role and a stronger voice in the consultation process.Concerns were raised at two packager forums held by Southern Pacific Mortgage Limited last month.Of most concern was the distinction between packagers&#39 roles in offering &#39information&#39 or &#39advice&#39 and whether the packaging process is an information-only affair.Mortgage […]


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