My mortgage week – John cupis

Monday: My first full week back at work and I arrive at Legal & General&#39s Kingswood office in Surrey after having had only four hours sleep. Regrettably, this is not due to a late night in a bar with Mortgage Strategy editor Robyn Hall, but the by-product of the birth of our second son Oliver, who enjoys revelling in the early hours. I do some catching up with the team in the morning and some preparation for presentations on Wednesday.

Tuesday: Oliver sleeps through the night with only one feed but our first boy Thomas (nearly two years old) decides it&#39s his time to get in on the action and gets his lungs out at about 2.30am. I start to explain the intricacies of CP 121 and that a long summer of FSA consultation looks likely and this soon sends him off to sleep.

Morning presentations to Platform Home Loans and subsequently Alliance & Leicester on the imminent launch of our next generation-trading point-of-sale system for our business partners, which goes down well and creates much discussion re future-trading potential with Legal & General&#39s Mortgage Club.

The afternoon is spent with my marketing manager running through some exciting propositions we are developing with a third-party text-messaging company to drive usage of the Mortgage Club.

Wednesday: I slept really well and leave for London to our Temple Court head office for a review meeting with Yorkshire Building Society. My wife later reports that while the milkman at 4am and the dustmen at 6am managed to wake various members of the house, I was blissfully unaware. Make a note to partake of a late-night glass of red wine more often.

Some great new ideas for driving new business to Yorkshire Building Society are discussed – some healthy debate regarding the future direction of interest rates and products, ending with a presentation to Yorkshire Building Society re its excellent performance in our annual Mortgage Club survey.

Thursday: Meeting today with our housing proposition director to finalise details for the point-of-sale system launch. Some preparation for tomorrow&#39s race day with surveyors before heading off to hear on the car radio that Tim Henman reaches semi-finals of Wimbledon again. Make a diary note that tennis may prove a useful career for Thomas if the late night coaching on mortgage regulation doesn&#39t pay off.

Friday: Good news to start the day as my greyhound won a race at Catford last night, which set me up for a good day with the horses.

Into the Kingswood office to prepare for a meeting with lawyers on Monday, then it&#39s off to Sandown Park races to host a day with some of Legal & General&#39s key estate agent and lender partner surveyors who form part of our Mortgage Club&#39s proposition for businesses that also have surveying arms.

I call my wife on the way home to tell her of my financial success, which she explains will come in useful for the already purchased baby monitor with a host of digital features we will never use.

•John Cupis is sales and marketing director of Legal & General&#39s Mortgage Club. His diary runs from July 1-5.