Moneynet reports average property price of £185,009

The latest data from Moneynet shows an average property price of £185,009 among a sample of 3,400 randomly selected website visitors.

The average value of property to a first time buyer was £146,956, while users looking to remortgage valued their property at an average of £200,769. Existing homeowners looking to purchase a property could expect to pay around an average value of £214,951.

The overall average mortgage amount required was £118,161, at 64% LTV. First-time buyers were looking for an average of 75% LTV, and an average loan of £109,942. Users seeking to remortgage required an average loan of £105,802, at 53% LTV.

Moneynet found the average salary of the main income earner was £40,070. An average first-time buyer&#39s salary was £34,943, while users seeking remortgage wanted a £41,156 loan. For two income households, the second wage averaged at £19,936 for first-time buyers, £21,577 for users looking to remortgage and £22,625 for purchasers.