HSHL hires new Packager Relationship Manager

High Street Loans (HSHL) has hired Packager Relationship Manager, John Cullen, 42, in an

attempt to build a major new distribution channel for its range of non-conforming mortgages.

The appointment follows last week&#39s announcement by the company that it is to launch a new

initiative to recruit up to 100 new packaging partners by the end of the year.

They wish to develop new partnerships with large and medium-sized intermediaries who are

eager to have more responsibility for making more lending decisions.

John Cullen joins HSHL after enjoying a career in the UK mortgage industry spanning 20 years.

Cullen, has previously worked in business development roles for Nationwide Building Society,

The Derbyshire Building Society, Leeds & Holbeck, Verso and The Mortgage Operation.

John Cullen, comments: “The High Street Home Loans brand is becoming increasingly well

known among the packaging and intermediary communities. I will be looking to use this

recognition to my benefit as I set about the task of building a major distribution channel with

established packaging companies across the UK.”

Joint managing director of High Street Home Loans, adds: “A lot of our plans over the next 12

months are based on developing relationships with packagers. John will be perfect for this role.

He&#39s got over 20 years experience of working in the prime and non-conforming markets.