Beat the Abbey habit

From Ian Griffiths

Regarding Abbey National&#39s priority processing of applications with their own general insurance policies attached, I too was advised by the business development manager team that these applications would &#39go through quicker&#39.

Understanding exactly what I was being told, I duly completed the ASU box on the client&#39s application. Low and behold, an application went through with little delay. However, once the offer letter was produced I promptly cancelled the request for their ASU and put in force a cheaper policy through an alternative provider. Result! I very rarely put mortgage applications to Abbey National as I have been embarrassed on several occasions where cases have been declined while doing AIPs only for the client to go direct and be approved at branch level.

Looking at its latest disclosed figures, it appears that I am not the only broker and if it keeps up such practices it will take them a long time to recover.

Ian Griffiths

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