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Wills will lead you to wealth of clients


In the previous column, I discussed how easy it is to introduce asset protection to your clients.

It can be broached during the standard fact-finding process, when you would normally ask if clients have a will in place, or at the remortgage review.

While asset protection is an effective way to generate revenue from existing clients, another benefit of introducing the concept of wills and trusts is that it can help you acquire new clients.

Once you have discussed some of the main areas of asset protection, you will find that many clients, realising how exposed they are, will start talking to family, friends and colleagues.

Also, putting a comprehensive asset protection strategy in place for a customer often results in the executors, trustees or guardians who are legally required in a will becoming your clients too, as they are likely to be insufficiently protected themselves.

Once you have arranged a will for your client it is important that you contact the executors, trustees and guardians to ensure they know their responsibilities which makes the process easier.

Crucially, the quality of your customers will improve as those recommended to be executors, guardians and trustees will generally be the more successful or professional of your clients’ friends or family.

And because many clients will be running their own business, it also offers an inroad into the business protection market.


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