The parts even the NHS cannot reach


The world recently saw a landmark change for the US, with President Barack Obama getting his controversial healthcare reform bill passed.

The bill challenges the way health insurance firms operate and opens up healthcare to 32 million uninsured Americans.

Whether they support it or not, this will make a huge difference in the way Americans look at healthcare. They will need to adjust the balance of what is provided for them and what they still need to provide for themselves.

Here in the UK, we have had the NHS to rely on and we take it for granted that healthcare is readily available.

But are people aware of where these benefits end and what other provisions they should arrange?

Private health insurance may be optional for us, but there is still the financial aspect of illness and death to consider. And if 47 million Americans are without vital health insurance, how many Brits lack the necessary protection such as life cover, critical illness or income protection to cover their mortgages and families?

The NHS may provide medical care, but it cannot pay a mortgage or replace an income and state benefits will go only so far.

An understanding of what we need, what is already taken care of and what we stand to gain from having protection is key.

This is why your advice is so valuable. You can guide your clients through the minefield of protection and mortgages, to make sure that they are provided for beyond what the state can offer.