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While Abbey seems to be tightening its criteria, it’s good to see Kensington accepting mortgage applications for light adverse clients. There must be substantial pent-up demand for such deals


HEROES OF THE WEEK are Platform and the Association of Mortgage Intermediaries for their campaign to define advice. It’s never been more important for borrowers to know what they are being offered.


VILLAIN OF THE WEEK is the government. It seems to have plenty of wonderful ideas but it’s strange how it did not bother to put any into practice in the golden decade the UK enjoyed. Why leave it until a few weeks before an election?


Sally Laker

A rigged game of give and take

It’s pretty worrying if tinkering with Stamp Duty is the best Labour can come up with as the centrepiece of its pre-election Budget, says Sally Laker, managing director of Mortgage Intelligence Holdings

Rethink: industry objections to Treasury’s original proposals for regulation in the private rented

And officials have their eye on change in the buy-to-let sector too

Proposals on changing the form of the buy-to-let market are to be explored, according to the Treasury.It’s report entitled Mortgage Regulation: Summary of Responses states that the government will examine how to ensure the effect of regulation on the buy-to-let market is proportionate, particularly with regard to individual professional landlords. Further consultation on any changes […]


Election Springs Into Action

Finally and as expected, Parliament is to be dissolved, (not literally of course although that could be fun!), and the election date is May 6.

Guide cover

Guide: how to… communicate with your pension members

Effective communication of your pension scheme is a large part of getting auto-enrolment right. Delivering the same message to all employees is not necessarily the way to go. To assist you with the communication of your pension scheme, we have provided some key areas to think about, such as:

  • What to consider when segmenting your workforce
  • How to communicate to pension scheme members at the right time in their member lifecycle
  • What topics you should be discussing with your pension members
  • The new pension freedoms and the importance of communicating them


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