Leave bigger picture to take care of itself


The level of research that goes on in the mortgage and housing markets is staggering.

Not a day goes by without us being subjected to a variety of data and interpretation of that data – the amount of lending, the product availability and popularity, the number of buyers, or the number of sellers, among other things.

Adding all this up, and trying to make sense of it is often futile. There are so many conflicting numbers and opinions that it is difficult to keep track.

Even in areas that should be simple, such as monthly lending figures, we find a plethora of sources – be that the Council of Mortgage Lenders, British Bankers’ Association or Building Societies Association, all with their differing spin on data.

It would be negligent not to review some of the research as it can sometimes contain a rare nugget that shows the situation and lights the way for businesses.

But advisers should have enough to contend with in dealing with their own firm. Spending time trying to understand what is happening in so many other areas, with so many available interpretations, is fruitless.

One could go mad trying to understand a market that is often only comprehensible at its most basic level, such as what is happening with your own business, and how you can best continue to be profitable while providing quality advice to your clients.

My advice is to look after the small things and don’t be distracted by the bigger picture – it’s always changing, anyway.