Family houses next generation of clients


As with most general insurance providers, I am frequently asked to provide marketing materials, campaign ideas and product literature to help drum up new clients.

All these work to a degree. But an opportunity sitting right under many advisers’ noses is often overlooked when they conduct client reviews.

This opportunity is employed children living at home. They are rarely seen by financial services experts, but need accident, sickness and unemployment protection.

They go largely unnoticed when advisers are looking for potential clients as they have no mortgage to protect. But what they do have to protect is a lifestyle of gym memberships, cars and nights out.

If their income is lost, it will be down to their parents to foot the bill – which will be doubly difficult if they work for the same employer.

It’s strange that we protect parents’ income, but never their child’s, when they work at the same place.

Here lies the opportunity – sell these individuals a standalone protection product for £25 per month. Not only will you protect their income, you will also earn valuable commission from it and increase your client bank without the need for marketing campaigns.

A further benefit is that when they leave the family home you will have a client who already sees the benefit in paying for protection products, so it becomes easier for you to sell them other protection and investment products.