A bridging finance story with a quick and happy ending

As a regular reader I thought I would share a positive story which has thankfully concluded perfectly.

A client of mine was in the process of buying a house through auction and I was securing the bridging financing.

With that route collapsing three days before completion I knew my options were limited.

To my good fortune, my call to Savills Lending Solutions was answered by director Rob Jupp who understood the urgency of the case and the work that was needed to make the deal happen.

It was six working days from the initial phone call to completion which is astonishing.

Not only was the relationship in place with funders to speed things along, but the willingness to go beyond the call of duty to ensure a win-win situation for all was what shone through in this transaction.

I know that the packaging industry has taken a bit of a battering recently as it looked as if it had nothing to do once the sub-prime lenders had moved out.

From experience as a satellite packager for Exclusive Connections I believe this to be true for the most part, but with people like Jupp and SLS around the rest of the packaging industry will be forced to raise the bar.

I have always believed that packagers must have access to unique products and lenders to fill a gap in brokers’ offerings. This way by offering more solutions brokers are better positioned and clients have more options.

This is the way forward and I believe we are witnessing the rebirth of packagers.