Lack of homes keeping prices high, says Country Homesearch

County Homesearch says a lack of quality property particularly in the south is keeping prices high.

The latest review of 22 offices from Scotland to Lands End shows that the County Homesearch Company, which only acts for buyers, is finding it hard to achieve any notable discounts on property for clients, and this is increasingly true the further north one goes.

The company says it seems that, following on from last month&#39s review, there is an increasing divide between northern and southern areas – with the hotter counties being in the north and

Scotland where, under the home buying system in Scotland, it is not unusual for a house to go for double the guide price.

Jonathan Haward, managing director of County Homesearch, says: “The supply of quality stock above the half million mark is illusive.

“There is evidence that City money is back and bonuses are being paid out which is having an immediate knock-on effect to the market in our sector – particularly in the Home Counties. The survey finds that there are only a very few areas where houses are being sold for below their asking prices.

“If supply continues to remain tight it will mean that discounts will be hard to negotiate this year as competition for prime houses is hot.

“County Homesearch believes that with prices extremely buoyant, more houses will come onto the market in the next two months as we get into spring and early summer. The owners of good prime country houses will sell them swiftly.”