AToM launches three-year stepped discount

All Types of Mortgages has launched a three-year stepped discount on all non-conforming Platform products.

Product details are a 2% discount in year one, a 1.5% discount in year two and a 0.25% in year three. This also includes a bonus discount of 0.25% for all cases received before March 30 2004.

All products are based on Platform&#39s non-conforming product matrix, client status and track LIBOR, available exclusively to PMPA members. The discounted rates offer a non-conforming product with no extended redemption penalties.

Dale Jannels, sales and marketing director of the AToM Group, says: “AToM is committed to providing the best deals to our customers and these discounts from Platform are fantastic.

“These product offerings will appeal to those customers who need a non-conforming product because of individual circumstances. Not only will they benefit from a low initial rate but there are no extended redemption penalties.”

And Guy Batchelor, sales and marketing director at Platform, says: “Platform believes that brokers will find this a competitive product, complimenting the company&#39s already popular non-conforming range. The relationship with AToM/PMPA is strong and this product will cement that relationship even further.”