Arctic Angels prepare for Polar Challenge

The eg Arctic Angels toasted their sponsor and supporters onboard the SS Great Britain as they prepared to set off for their Polar Challenge.

The SS Great Britain in Bristol was the historic setting for a special send off for the eg Arctic Angels as they prepare to make history as the first team of women to take on one of the world&#39s toughest challenges – the 290 mile Polar Challenge race to the magnetic North Pole.

Sponsor eg solutions organised the reception for Angels Philippa Thompson, Clare Kavanagh and Jocie Robertson, where eg clients joined family and supporters of the Angels to wish them well and help raise vital funds for their chosen charity, the RNLI.

The evening was an opportunity for the team to thank their supporters – including Babs Powell who raced last year, and is just back from the South Pole – who have provided invaluable support and backing for them to realise a burning ambition to take on this challenge of a lifetime.

Thompson says: “The three of us would not be heading off for the race start next week, had it not been for the fantastic support of our family, employers and of course thesponsorship of eg solutions, which has enabled us to enter the race.”

“We are really privileged to have had so much help in our preparation, including that provided by the Royal Marines, whose training in Norway has definitely given us a tremendous boost, both mentally and physically. There&#39s now no reason why we can&#39t win this year&#39s race. We can&#39t wait to show the competition what we&#39re capable of.”

The eg Arctic Angels are the first ever all-female team to take part in the 290 mile trek across moving ice fields to reach the Magnetic North Pole. They will pull all their own equipment on pulks weighing up to 90kg and have to survive temperatures as low as -40°C, as well as face the threat of attack from polar bears.

Only 400 people have ever reached the North Pole before, but David Poulton of eg solutions hopes that their team will be the first to raise this figure to 403.

He says: “As they are about to make history themselves, it was only fitting that we should give the Angels a good send-off onboard a ship that itself played a huge part in shaping maritime history.

“Philippa, Jocie and Clare each have tremendous mental strength and a commitment to succeeding, but it&#39s clear how well they work together as a team, which is how this race will ultimately be won. It is this dedicated commitment to teamwork that links eg solutions with the Angels, and is the vital quality that was clear from the start.

“eg is extremely proud to be sponsoring the Arctic Angels in their bid to make history in this year&#39s Polar Challenge. The company strongly believes that they can win this race, and wish them every success.”

The eg Arctic Angels are taking on six other male-led teams of experienced racers in this year&#39s Polar Challenge. They will leave for the race start in the Canadian Northern Territories on April 6.

The race is due to start on April 12th. The eg Arctic Angels will be raising money for the RNLI as part of the Challenge. You can pledge your support and track the team&#39s progress on their website at: