9m household set to DIY, reveals The Marketplace

The Marketplace at Bradford & Bingley has revealed that 9m households&#39 are planning to do DIY or home improvements in the next couple of months.

The traditional Spring-time DIY boom is clearly flourishing as much as ever, with increasing numbers of homeowners, 47%, opting to improve their current property rather than moving to a new one.

Many are thinking about major building works such as an extension or loft conversion.

Elliot Nathan, spokesman for The MarketPlace, says: “The current passion for DIY may be fuelled by more than just the &#39Linda Barker factor&#39, encouraged by the popularity of shows such as Changing Rooms.

“In many parts of the country the jump in house prices can be quite considerable when another room is added.

“Homeowners are realising that it is more cost-effective to make changes to their own home, such as building an extension or loft conversion, than buy a larger property, especially considering the associated costs and fees on top.”