&#39Distribution is about having competitive service and products&#39

Are you looking at securing distribution post-N4 and if so, how do you intend to do this?

Bill Cherry, SPML

SPML&#39s distribution strength has always been in its strong packager relationships and there is no reason to suppose that these will change significantly. However, post-N4 distribution is an unknown quantity and no lender can afford to be complacent. We are currently doing a strategic review of our origination/distribution.

Dominic Toller, Bristol & West

Yes we are, by working in partnership with our preferred distributors through premier panel placements and working arrangements such as technology links. We think the chances are slim of lenders taking on ARs. It is more likely that they will secure distribution through close working relationships rather than ownership.

Colin Sanders, igroup

igroup remains committed to the intermediary sector as a way of securing distribution. We work with a wide range of intermediaries and will continue to invest time in them to satisfy our needs in the future.

Dan Watkins, BM Solutions

Yes, by providing the best online compliant support services in the market. We have good relationships with our partners. The launch of the &#39one minute mortgage&#39 has meant that we have kept our partners at the forefront of technology in the mortgage market. Our systems and processes are integrated with those of our key partners creating benefits for everyone along the supply chain.

David Tweedy, Platform

We are growing long-term partnerships with established and new mortgage clubs/networks/packagers to ensure Platform is on their main panels. We are also committed to growing a limited number of branded lenders.

Dennis Pitocco, Preferred Mortgages.

Yes we are, by a variety of methods including having a range of products so compelling that an intermediary will have to have a good reason not to use us.

Colin Shave, First National

We will continue to adopt a multi-channel distribution strategy that includes packagers, networks, mortgage clubs and directly regulated intermediaries. We recognise the benefits of having a range of distribution channels and support freedom of choice in how intermediaries access us. We&#39re focussed on providing the highest levels of support and working towards satisfying our intermediaries&#39 needs.

Ken Horsborough, Future Mortgages

We have no plans to secure distribution in this way at the current time.

John Maltby, Kensington Mortgages

Distribution is about having competitive service and products. Kensington always aims to compete and welcomes the transparency that regulation will bring.

Matt Gilmour, Infinity Mortgages

&#39Securing&#39 always suggests that consumer choice will be limited – it is a word I avoid. As a broker-direct lender we are well positioned to retain existing relationships with brokers who opt to go for direct authorisation. However, we are hoping to develop relationships with some of the established and evolving networks, selling ourselves on the fact that we can deliver a better service as we are not obsessed by volume.

Trevor Pothecary, Mortgages PLC

We have already done this – waiting until after regulation comes in means missing the boat! There are various ways in which Mortgages PLC is securing distribution and will continue to do so in the future.

Stephen Knight, GMAC-RFC

We have a fund available specifically to invest in distribution pre and post-Mortgage Day and we will continue to target additional distribution channels.

Tom Gurrie, Chelsea

We will focus on consolidating existing relationships and developing new ones – much as everyone else will be doing.