Treat outsourced staff as if they were your own

Kensington Mortgage Company attributes much of its success to its outsourcing arrangement with Homeloan Management.

Speaking at the Mortgage Strategy Best Practice in Mortgage Processing conference last week, KMC chief executive John Maltby said the result of this successful seven-year relationship had been 50% or more annual growth for the past five years.

But he added: “While outsourcing does work, it requires work.”

Kensington has over 100 dedicated staff at HML. And Maltby said: “You need to treat outsourced staff as your staff.” Fellow speaker Angela Davies, operations director at SPML, agreed: “Outsourced staff must feel part of your company, including your corporate identity and philosophy.”

Maltby stressed that the original lender must keep control of the sales process and reinforce its brand proposition. He added: “Strategy must not be outsourced, it is your business. Priorities must be set by you. Outsourcing is delegation, but we do not abdicate.”