There&#39s still a way to respond to the FSA

The November 11 deadline for responding to CP146 is fast approaching. You have just seven days left to take stock of this mammoth document and reply to the 35 questions that the FSA want answered.

Last year, just 0.15% of mortgage brokers responded to CP98. That document attracted just 19 responses from from a possible 12,500 plus brokers.

We know many of you have had to deal with unprecedented volumes of business and that some of you will have been unable to go through the 353 pages of CP146 in detail.

The absence of an effective trade body for mortgage brokers has been sorely felt. The NAMBA-AIFA alliance is now finalising its structure and budget, but has little time to involve brokers on any CP146 response before the November 11 deadline. Although brokers were initially sceptical as to their power to change FSA thinking, the CP121 concessions won by AIFA last week is making many think again.

That is why today, at 10.30 am, we our launching our CP146 response template for you to download free of charge from our website by logging on to and clicking on the regulation button on the right hand side.

The Mortgage Strategy response is the culmination of months of regulatory news and expert analysis. Our template is designed for brokers who intend to continue to offer real advice and talks through each of the 35 questions and suggests a response to each. Downloadable in a simple word document, all you need to do is follow the instructions carefully and add your company name.

There&#39s a help desk number (020 7943 8028) or you can email if you encounter any problems.

Robert Clifford, managing director of mortgageforce, says: “The typical small broker barely has time to read CP146, let alone respond to it. This is a fantastic idea.” Alison Cooley, PR manager at Charcol, adds: “There is a concern that the voices of smaller brokers will not be heard. Anything that makes it easier for more intermediaries to give the FSA their views clearly has to be welcomed.” And David Cliffe, spokesman for the FSA, says: “We welcome anything that encourages people to respond to the consultation paper.”

It is crucial that you are not apathetic. Download our template from Make your voice heard.