NW Group reports success of mortgage web site

Mortgage Finder, NW Group&#39s mortgage web site, generates over £1m of business enquiries each day.

When the site was first established by former building society manager, Ian Templeton, his objective was to complement his Aberdeen-based independent mortgage advice and financial services business with an internet presence.

The site, www.mortgagefinder.co.uk has been systematically upgraded by NW over the two years since set up, and the visitor and business activity has consistently increased to impressive levels.

Neil Watson, managing director at NW in Aberdeen, says: “Mortgage Finder is Mr Templeton&#39s brainchild. As a highly experienced financial services professional, he tasked NW with developing an appropriate web presence for the Mortgage Finder business. It was set up to serve both individual customers and businesses, so we worked with Ian to produce a fast-loading, multi-functional web site. Visitors to the site can find the rightmortgage or any other financial service they require, quickly and securely. Today the site serves more than 300 visitors a day, and we believe it is still only operating in first gear.”

Both NW and Templeton recognise the huge potential for business on the site beyond mortgages into income protection, investments, insurance, loans and pensions. There are plans to open up more customer options in financial services over the coming months, having identified a large demand for such online services.

Watson adds: “An early version Mortgage Finder site developed by NW offered an 0800 telephone number, but the company was overwhelmed with telephone enquiries from all over the UK and we quickly but temporarily replaced it with an alternative contact provision until a national fulfilment process was set up as it operates today.

“We were also interested to see that the site attracted around enquiries from the USA, so Mr Templeton rapidly researched and established important business relationships with top US financial services companies to fulfil those customers&#39 needs. As a result Mortgage Finder is now transacting a number of daily mortgage and other services in the US.”

Today the site attracts over £1million of mortgage enquiries in the UK every day, and has an international customer base in most of the English-speaking countries of the world. It also provides mortgage services for property purchases in Europe.